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Boys Are Easy

When I plant a camera in my stepsister Bailey's bathroom, I know I'm going to get some good shit out of her & her 'friend' Alex. You see, Alex is my stepsister's secret lesbian lover. Like clockwork, I get them making out & talking about sneaking around behind people. I casually bring it up to Bailey the next day & she freaks out as I leave her standing there confused. Later that week Bailey calls me into her room & Alex is there. They offer to give me a live show if I delete that video. They start making out & sucking on each other's titties before they turn their attention to me. My stepsister swallows my cock while her girlfriend sucks my nuts. Bailey climbs aboard my cock, her pussy is super wet for her stepbrother as Alex helps guide her through my big dick. Then it's Alex's turn and she gets totally soaked for my big cock as well. I fuck my stepsister's from behind while Alex licks my balls & Bailey's clit. Alex talks dirty to me as I fuck my younger stepsister, making me pull out and cum all over her. Telling you boys, cameras are the best!

Released:Aug 12, 2022
Director:Levi Cash
Length:39 min

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